Track of 1000m created in wooden shavings, with a slope allowing the young horses to develop their physical smoothly. Clic here for more details and photos ⇒

An arena to break-in horses and lunge them. A close arena to hide disruptives outside things. A deep ground in sound for the safety of horses and riders.

A walker with 6 big places for break-in, warm-up before work, decompress, relax, or simply work.

A wood stable with 12 large boxs located etween the first stable, the walker and the lunge arena in order to have a practical work.

A stable with 12 boxs inside the farm buildings, where we can find the treatment room and shower too.

A small school 115x165 (feet) with sand for work the young horses after lunge, learn them basis and make stretching exercices.

Une sellerie nouvellement créée

Un bureau tout récent également

Des grands boxs de poulinage

Une dépendance pour le stud-groom à côté des boxs de poulinage

Des écuries pour l’élevage que l’on appelle « bergerie »

De grands prés clôturés sur plusieurs hectares pour les poulinières et produits Sivola